Thursday, September 1, 2011


Abe is a shelter dog with a new home. My good friend, Fredi, adopted him not long ago and it's clear that Abe is already livin' the good life in Los Angeles. He was a little timid about my camera at first, but then we both ate some peanut butter and became buddies. Thanks for putting up with me, Abe-meister!

Loungin' Abe

Grinnin' Abe

Radio Flyin' Abe

Mysterious Abe


theturts said...

What a fantastically fun photo session! Abraham is SUCH an amazing dog. I'm so glad I came across his photo on Petfinder @ Lacey Street Shelter -
Looking forward to more time spent with Uncle Seth and Little Friends Photo! xx

Lis Peery said...

Abe is not only a super dog, he's a supermodel!

Little Friends Photo said...

I love little Abe!!

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