Saturday, June 25, 2011

Puglet the.. yeah you guessed it. PUG!

If you like Pugs, you will for sure like Puglet. A true Pug at heart. We rendezvoused in West Los Angeles for our photo shoot, where Puglet gave me a VIP tour of the local park.
Puglet (center) celebrates the pug lifestyle in West Los Angeles.

A grand welcome to the home of Puglet

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apollo the Explorer - Los Angeles Dog Photography

Have you ever been to outer space? Probably not. Have you ever been to an abandoned zoo. Probably not. But I have. And so has Apollo the Siberian Husky! Together, we explored the ruins of what used to be Los Angeles' Zoo. Mysterious, creepy and fascinating. A great location for a photo shoot!

Inside an abandoned habitat at the old L.A. Zoo

Even though the zoo is now abandoned, wild animals still lurk in the area, including this coyote who was kind enough to let me snap a quick portrait.