Saving Pets

A Picture That Can Save a Life

In 2007, Seth Casteel was working for Sony Pictures Entertainment when a litter of homeless kittens was discovered. He volunteered to  photograph the kittens in effort to help find them families. All of the kittens were adopted. A few weeks later, another litter of kittens showed up. More photos - more adoptions. This led Seth to begin volunteering at Los Angeles animal shelters and eventually shelters all across the United States and beyond. Seth noticed that the photography and marketing elements of rescue and adoption were often overlooked. In response, Seth started

Second Chance Photos believes every homeless pet should be represented with a positive, professional photograph, offering a glimpse into their unique personality in hopes to make a connection with potential adopters. Our mission is to provide shelter staff and volunteers with the resources to successfully photograph shelter pets, aiding in giving them the second chance they deserve. 

Through these efforts, Seth hopes to improve the image of rescue and adoption. Adopting a pet is a positive experience. You are gaining a friend. You are saving a life. You are making the world a better place.